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Animal Communication
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Q – How can animal communication help my pet?
A – Animal communication can help your pet in many aspects of their life, here are a select few:

    • Understanding and resolving emotional or behavioural problems
    • Assisting Vets and other Practitioners in identifying physical problems
    • Helping an animal with a fear
    • Helping to improve your relationship with your pet
    • Helping rescue animals
    • Helping an animal to settle in with a new pet
    • Helping an animal and owner at the end of the animal’s life
    • Helping an owner with the death of a pet
    • Tracking lost or missing animals

Q – How can I prepare for the communication?
A – To get the best out of the communication ensure you’re comfy and in a quiet area. You may want to take note of information I give you so have a pen and paper handy. Just keep your mind open and enjoy the experience. Think of how I can best help you and your pet and have any questions to hand.

Q – What happens during a communication?
A – Before the communication takes place I would have connected with your pet to establish basic information for you to verify, this is to ensure I have a connection with your pet and I refer to this as a First Connection. Once you’re happy we have made a connection we will go onto the communication. During the communication I will be keeping my focus on your pet, any information I get back from them through their feelings I will relay to you. Any information I give to you is my interpretation of their feelings.

Q – Does my pet need to be with me when you do the communication?
A – No they don’t need to be with you but it’s interesting to see how they react during the communication, so if they are with you keep an eye on them. When I help animals to release emotional blocks their owners often report back that their pet looks happier or has relaxed into a deep sleep.

Q – Can I communicate with my pet?
A – Yes! If you love your pet and have a close bond with them you know how they feel. You sense your dog's excitement when you go get their lead, you sense your cat's disappointment when your holiday cases come out of the loft. They are sensitive to how we feel and vice versa. As an animal communicator I let go of my own feelings and thoughts so that I can pick up on the animals feelings, I have my own way of interpreting those feelings to you. It takes practice but we all have the ability and our own unique way of communicating.